Sponsoring organizations of the CoA PSG and CAAHEP are provided an important voice in the development and implementation of minimum Standards for educational programs in polysomnography, as well as other issues affecting the profession.  Having a voice in this process is crucial for the field of polysomnography, as well as related fields.

As a sponsoring organization of CAAHEP, you are a part of a larger effort to provide invaluable services and benefits to a diverse audience, consisting of: educators; practitioners; physicians; and administrators.  Some of these services can be assigned a dollar amount.  However, arguably the most important benefits are priceless.

From a financial standpoint, below are some expenses that CAAHEP incurs, which directly extend to the CoA PSG:

Board Liability Insurance that covers all CoA PSG members ($7000/year)
Legal services and support, as needed (can reach thousands)
Go-to-Meeting and Survey Monkey services provided by CAAHEP to assure operational effectiveness at the CoA PSG level ($5500/year)
CAAHEP invested thousands of dollars developing an online Annual Reporting tool for the CoA PSG and all CoAs in the system to use in program evaluation
CAAHEP undergoes a process of third-party review by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which extends to the CoA PSG and all CoAs in the system ($6000/year)
CAAHEP pays all expenses for a CoA PSG member to attend Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) staff development workshops, CAAHEP Leadership Meetings (held each year in January), and the CoA Summer Workshops (held each year in July) – ($125,000/year)

Other significant benefits of belonging to the CAAHEP system include:

Opportunities for CoA PSG members to network and exchange best practices information with peer Committees on Accreditation and other professionals in the accreditation arena.
The CAAHEP process creates autonomy through an accreditation process that assures no one professional association will be able to exert undue influence over accreditation decisions.
Assurance to students of programs accredited through CAAHEP that their educational program has undergone an independent review to ensure the program meets the nationally-recognized Standards for preparing competent entry-level practitioners in each profession.

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