Become CAAHEP Accreditited

1. RAS Form

Programs request accreditation services by electronically filing the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) (RAS).

Upon submission of the CAAHEP RAS and the Registration fee(s), the ISSR and  other accreditation documents are forwarded to the program.

Programs then demonstrate the degree to which they meet the CAAHEP Standards and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Educational Programs in Polysomnographic Technology through a two-part comprehensive evaluation that includes a written Initial-Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and an on-site review.  Upon completion of the comprehensive evaluation, the CoA PSG formulates a status of public recognition recommendation that is forwarded to CAAHEP, which awards the accreditation for Polysomnographic Technology programs that meet the Standards.

For more information, contact the CoA PSG office.

2. Fees Chart

Registration Fee (Dependent on type of award level)

Certificate : $ 950.00

Associate : $1000.00

Bachelor : $1100.00

Registration Fee if applying for 2 or more award levels: $1200.00

Yearly Fees :

1 award (regardless of the level) $1000.00

2 awards : $1250.00

Continuing Accreditation at 5 yr. point with Self-Study required and no site visit: $1600.00

Comprehensive Review : Due at max at 10 yr. from Initial Accreditation, may be sooner, if warranted.

Administrative Fee $1025.00

Site Visit Fee $2175.00*

Total : $3200.00

*Costs in excess of $2175.00 of the Site Visit are invoiced separately.

Please Note: This fee schedule is effective until further notice. If changes occur, you will be given sufficient notice.

3. Notify CoA PSG Home Office

4. Standards and Guidelines

5. Self-Study Form

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